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The Opree Legacy: The Promise

Set against the backdrop of impending war and fading hope, characters learn that there is no turning back, and no undoing the past, no matter how far they run from it. There will be a time when they must answer for their transgressions. It’s a dark world that peppers elements of fantasy as the lives and universe of its characters are shaped through violence and destiny. The Opree Legacy mixes transgressive with fantasy telling a dark story that follows several characters as they try to remake the world that is crumbling around them.

The Shadows are forgotten. They battle in a hellish wasteland far from the heart of the empire they defend with every inch of their being. These doomed warriors, led by Colonel Cyrus Mason have stood against the empire’s enemies for nearly two decades with inhuman abilities bestowed upon them by a dark and angry god. But everything has a price, and Col. Mason must decide to save the Empire who abandoned him, or the one person who could be his salvation.

Nathanial struggles to find his place in this new world order that is unfolding in front of him. He shines at military school, but as an outsider, he struggles to prove his loyalty to his empire while still honoring his heritage.

 Lilly, is torn from her life of privilege in the colony of Lo Irant and tossed into the bleak realities facing her people. Escaping slavery, she joins with a group of radical revolutionaries, but quickly learns that freedom comes at a great cost.

 This complex wide-ranging story with multiple plot lines may remind readers of Game of Thrones or Dune but this is a sharply contemporary story, darkly etched and layered with meaning. This contemporary story deals with current issues like racism, distant wars, and corrupt governments. It is darkly etched in blood and steel. Though it describes the Opree Empire, readers will recognize our earth, and our own times.

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